Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fetal Parts For Sale? Defund PP

You see it in the placards and hear the passion and emotions in the opposing voices
A great angry divide between the believers of pro life and pro choice
A candidate’s abortion stand has become the all controlling one issue lightening rod
Drowns out all others in the struggle between a woman’s right to chose and the right to life sanctioned by God
 Regardless of one’s views on this contentious issue be you Indy, Red or Blue
Or atheist or believer the year is not yet 2022
And we are not dependent on wafers of Soylent Green
Humans should never be brought into this world for food or as a source to harvest their genes
Nor should humans of lesser intellects or burdened by mental or mental handicaps
In a déjà vu of the Nazis, be euthanized because in a complex world they might not be able to adapt
That is why the news caught on video tape is to our sense of humanity and ethics such a blow
And why to Planned Parenthood any further federal funding must cease to go
If the videos are correct which on viewing there seems no reason to doubt
Planned Parenthood haggling over aborted fetal body part prices as federal law and ethics it flouts
As can be expected our great moral compass in D.C., our commander in chief
Sees no reason to defund Planned Parenthood or seek to its abortion tools sheath
A miracle of life reduced to a few fetal parts for sale
So on tape a director can get a better car is a society doomed to fail
Congress needs to defund and the sales must be investigated by the DOJ
If guilty of a federal crime the executives in prison must pay
It may be that the study of fetal stem cells may be the only way to many killers overcome
But to end a developing life to that end is corrupt and confines humanity to an ethical slum
 © July 21, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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