Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ton Of IRS Corruption Not A Smidgeon

When it comes to delusion, Obama and his administration in la-la-land dwell
When the myth of transparency in his administration he continues to try to sell
After years of lies, deceptions, and obfuscations, Lerner emails are finally seeing the light of day
The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS to silence them clearly on display
Without the emails Obama could look O’Reilly sincerely in his eyes
And not a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS deny
In a polished act he could when the story first broke
He expressed outrage and pledged to get to the bottom—what a joke
History will record that when the IRS
Attempted to conservative groups suppress
It put our democracy’s continuation under great stress
Dissent to be silenced aided by a nonindependent DOJ and fawning press
FOIA requests responded to in the slow walk mode
Obama’s pick and choose law enforcement, the rule of law corrode
Under another imperial presidency of Hillary if her private email server is a clue
Her administration will be hidden like lead windows from our view
Would be okay if we mere mortals had x-ray eyes

We don’t so any attempt at transparency will be frustrated and denied.

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