Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Iranian Deal Choice?

Obama in trying to sell his pathetic unknown side agreements Iran nuclear deal
In the classic straw man tactic tries to frame it in ways to reality steal
With his great speech-making flair
With pauses and glances and gestures in the air
War or this deal that’s the only choice
And with legacy driven flair seeks to drown out all other voices
We are in this corner because Kerry and Obama in the Persian bazaar were fleeced
Especially when Iran’s support of terror, death to us or Israel will not cease
When in our history has a President the elected representatives of the people decided to circumvent?
An agreement under law to be reviewed by the Congress but instead to the U.N. sent?
Here are some other choices which might work assuming we had a CinC who by our foes could be feared
U.S. sanctions remain, we start exporting our growing production of natural gas and crude to away from Iran steer
Their oil fields are like old men in the winters of their life as to production hobbling with canes
Whatever chance against us in an oil war they would be flushed down the drain
Whatever crude that could with great effort extract from underneath the ground
Buy it from us at discounts so their oil market as long as the mullahs rule will not rebound
Internet and Social Media Free Iran needs to blossom and encourage the youth to against these feudal mullahs rebel
So many youth in Iran into the 21st Century want to be propelled
But after Obama on supporting past change missteps
That they may not forget
May be difficult but worth an attempt
A realistic threat of an Iran with nukes as the new  parking lot might remove a bit of the mullahs’ contempt
© July 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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