Thursday, July 16, 2015

Three Walls Not One Mr. Trump

Trump may be causing havoc among the Reds
As on immigration the PC dance he forcefully sheds
He is reaching out to call for the building of a wall
To this flood of illegal aliens somehow hinder and stall
Trump has built many towers and buildings of concrete and steel
Should have great expertise in construction of a wall to the border seal
But Trump needs not one wall but three
If over this porous border we can claim a chance for victory
The second wall needs to be built around the payroll offices of this land
To make sure that any funds to an illegal working here are completely banned
That is the law which too long the feds have chosen not to enforce
No wonder the magnet of illegal immigration has continued on its present course
The third wall might be more difficult to construct
But if successful the rationale for coming here would also self destruct
No illegal alien should be allowed to send money back to his home to his family support
The need for young men to cross the border for their families would come up short
If due to humanitarian concerns such a wall would be banned by public outcry
Then levy huge transfer taxes to some deficit reduction buy
Three walls, a border much more secure and then a discussion of reform with reason
Why is it that encouraging whose best suited to help us as opposed to the unskilled is viewed by the left as treason?
In a competitive world economy without growth for us will turn us into another hundreds of millions of bankrupt Greeks
Not the illiterate, the unskilled, but the computer programmers, entrepreneurs, investors, doctors, skilled technicians are those immigrants we should seek
© July 16, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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