Friday, July 17, 2015

Haram for Chattanooga Jihadist

So this sick fanatic coward who shot down four unarmed Marines is the new ISIS poster child
The martyr hero of an ideology run completely insane and  wild
His body like any other “martyr” that we kill should be headed to the haram heap
It should not be cleaned only cremated and the ashes covered in pig shit at least a foot deep
Like bin Laden already digested by the fish its remains unmarked
With no reverence maybe harder on his trip to “Paradise” to embark
May offend the sensibilities of Muslims but as our fearless leader is quick to us remind
That ISIS is not Islam as he heads to a fund raiser to leave pressing problems behind
We are at war Mr. President yet you seem to be the only hand not on deck
What part about Radical Islam can you not or refuse to  detect?
On your watch four more Americans from Radical Islam die
How many more while its existence you continue to deny?
If you are going to continue to in malls or off base put soldiers to recruit
At least with your pen on other issues you love to use arm them so they are not diving behind desks but aiming guns to shoot
Time overdue for this administration to the PC view on ISIS like the body of the jihadist dump to the haram heap
Rally the nation with an all out strategy to these fanatics not just drone like gnats from the air but totally defeat
If not take your legacy ACA and Iranian nuke deal marbles home and resign
This nation cannot risk another 18 months of your feckless, winless no strategy ISIS design
© July 17, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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