Thursday, July 2, 2015

IRS Destroys Lerner Tapes Lynch Needs to Lynch

The news out of D.C. once again reveals another major federal flaw
The IRS arrogantly once again acted as if it was above the rule of law
Lois Lerner after singing the “I broke no law song”
Took the 5th with Holder to ignore any contempt to not reveal her wrongs
First the IRS claimed Lerner’s emails they could not produce
Due to hard drive failure was their excuse
In a world of backups and storage in the cloud the excuse seemed somewhat lame
But now we are learning that the IRS and Holder’s DOJ when it came to Lerner were in a massive shell game
After orders from Congress to evidence on the IRS targeting of conservative groups to preserve
Within weeks the IRS on to the road to obstruction of justice immediately swerved
Backup tapes were destroyed as we only now due to an IG’s observing the rule uncover
The IRS going to any lengths to prevent the truth on Lerner’s targeting discover
The IRS Commissioner who comes off as an arrogant complete piece of shit
Did he oversee a destruction of evidence and concealment that did not quit?
Destroying evidence goes to the foundation of the rule of law that this nation must observe
If we fail in this needed endeavor by being complacent or silent the tyranny resulting we deserve
This is Lynch’s golden chance to the tarnished independence of Holder’s DOJ resurrect
If she fails to act, this is another compelling reason for Hillary, the scandal, dishonest queen, not to elect
Make no mistake let the voices who disagree with the government by that government be suppressed
Especially when the tool of coercion is not the midnight knocks on the door but the IRS
Then as we get ready to celebrate another Fourth even concerned  by external Jihadist terror
While ignoring our own government then for the principles of liberty call up the  stretcher bearers
© July 2, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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