Thursday, July 2, 2015

NBC, Macy's NYC Dump On Trump

Donald Trump when it comes to ego or narcissism makes Obama look like an altruist reeking with diffidence
Like him or despise him one thing is clear when it comes to views he does not straddle the Mug Wump fence
May have not been artful and could have been better phrased
But Trump’s speech on border security and job loss are issues rightfully raised
Christie said in better when his candidacy he just announced
Americans he has met are anxious that their security will be trounced
The reaction of the PC leaning NBC was swift
Contract be dammed it cut Trump’s pageant adrift
Not wanting to be left in the PC correct race
Macy’s decided to Trump’s ties on its shelves replace
As members of the entertainment elite chimed in to condemn
The icon of the PC mayors DiBlasio was on the stump to Trump’s businesses in NYC stem
Forget about contracts, anyone who questions illegal immigration and wants to make the border secure
In New York City according to DiBlasio the residents of the Big Apple, Trump’s presence should not have to endure
He must have a view that any contract with the Big Apple must have an implied PC clause
The Big Apple is not the Jets or the Giants and his view is completed flawed
The reactions of the PC police and left signify an increasing, pathetic trend
Due to threats of economic boycott or loss of job, real discussion of vital issues end
© July 2, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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