Friday, July 31, 2015

Biden May Run Hillary Relief

The shadows of deception and dishonesty for Hillary should cast a chill
Like the famous groundhog more winter to be see in the till
Already the leaves of her coronation color are falling dead to the ground
As her scandals and dishonesty do not lessen but continue to abound
Biden has just lost a son and to get into the race may be a heavy lift
But clearly from this dishonest and untrustworthy wanna be queen the voters are starting to shift
Biden regardless of gaffs is an honest man with a very large integrity chip
Hillary lacks completely and seeks only from chalice of regal power to sip
If Biden despite personal grief 
For love of country runs to give us Hillary disaster relief
Better than even bet
That the slams on Obama he will not forget
Payback time for the DOJ 
For her release of classified material to bring on the FBI

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