Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fetal Parts Awaiting Sale In A Petri Dish--Defund

How callous do we as a species have to become before our humanity we must purge
Fetal parts as parts of the profit harvest no matter your views on abortion federal funding of Planned Parenthood we must purge
Another video once again with any sense of dignity for life totally disdained
Those cells in a Petri dish, poked at laughed at, sold and the worthless remains flushed down the drain
Abortion should be only in the early stages when a fetus born early could not survive
Should be the right of any woman to make the tough call when that fetus has no chance to survive
Planned Parenthood has become the fetal equivalent of Soylent Green
Erasing any sense of our humanity from our human scene
Disguising profit as the cost of research or loading up “recoverable” “costs”
Just exposes what we as humans sacrificing our humanity seed corn have lost
When the left whose moral compass on these gruesome videos  has been shredded and shed
Attacks these videos as weirdo attacks, will they ever recover any of the human dignity in a common grave they have just buried dead
Defund, defund; if Stem Search wants to evade the federal law against the sale of body parts
Let it go alone and from making taxpayers accomplices in this horrific crime,  they must depart.
© July 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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