Monday, July 27, 2015

Kamala Harris Shoot the Messenger Absolve PP

The idea of Planned Parenthood doctors haggling over fetal part prices is at minimum an ethical breach
That the president of Planned Parenthood’s sense of morality and ethics did not seem to reach
Arguing by a doctor for a higher price for a luxury car to afford
Slowed down only for a moment before the she released the PC hordes
In the illiberal world of free speech is for me
But if you oppose my ideas not for thee
Immediately raised the call to investigate the makers of the tapes
If we were in the 19th Century she would also be demanding they receive a whiff of grape
No need to bring out the cannons when in California there is a perfect PC lap dog
Our state AG Kamala Harris announced the need to the tape makers flog
Investigate the taping when Planned Parenthood seems to be violating federal law
When it comes to bioethics makes me sick and Congress must funding withdraw
About to be humans, challenged humans or humans in the winters of their lives
Can never be harvested so others might survive
In this Bluest of the Blue Nation where sanctuary cities have blood on their hands
Our PC Ag is moving toward replacing and enhancing the leftist Boxer brand
Francisco is the Willie Horton photo of the elections in 2016
Let’s add the videos of the medical directors scarier than the fiction of Soylent Green
Hopefully might help us derail the PC Harris and coronation seeking wanna be Queen
© July 27, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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