Thursday, July 30, 2015

IRS Chief Facing Contempt

Under Holder’s protect-Obama-at-all-cost DOJ
Any investigation of the IRS could be counted on to slowly but surely fade away
A bogus excuse that Lerner’s computer had crashed and all her emails were lost
Followed by another lame excuse that the IRS was doing everything to recover despite the cost
Followed by revelations that despite orders to records retain
IRS employees dumped thousands of documents down the electronic drain
If one would listen to the tapes of Koskinen when before Congress he testified
Even setting aside the outrage over his arrogance more likely than not he lied.
Thanks to FOIA and brave independent IGs, the pursuit of justice has not stopped
Despite the lack of a smidgeon of corruption public interest in this case has not stopped
A federal district judge after a large number of Lerner emails have been recovered
At offsite storage sites that any IP person would know that’s where they would be discovered
Ordered the IRS to produce the emails
Yet deadline, after deadline the IRS failed
For Koskinen a potential contempt of court citation may soon be in place
Nothing like a little time in jail to win that grin off his arrogant face
He has lied to Congress and their lawful demands he has defied
He should be impeached if he does not resign and say goodbye
When it comes to the IRS targeting scandal Lynch so far seems to be of the same cloth
Even though the targeting and intimidation of conservative groups cut a large swath
For the preservation of the democracy one hopes that observation is wrong
And that Lynch returns the DOJ to an agency of justice where impartiality is strong
© July 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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