Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finally Old Glory at Half Mast

Obama when it comes to combating terror
Seems to always want to lead from behind a total error
He has to be pushed kicking and screaming by public opinion to act as opposed to pointing his finger of blame
No wonder he seems clueless and his excuses are lame
When the Supreme Court ruled that a couple of same sex could exchange wedding bands
Same sex marriages were now the law of the land
Within hours on Obama’s orders the White House was no longer white
Bathed in the rainbow colors of gays, lesbians, bis and transgender to light up the night
 Yet after five men of the American military were by a jihadist extremist gunned down and breathed their last
From Obama the sounds of silence with the White House the Stars and Stripes flying at the top of its mast
For not just one day but for almost a week
Instead of a nation in mourning that a flag at half mast would bespeak
Another example of Obama’s refusal to radical Islam name and confront
And how these deaths once again putting pressure on him to name radical Islam must have been a personal affront
The outrage and public outcry finally forced Obama to relent
His apparent dislike of the military finally bent
Small solace to the families of the unarmed men shot down like dogs
Finally today Old Glory flies at half mast throughout the land as reality pierced Obama’s delusional fog
© July 21, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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