Sunday, July 12, 2015

Iran Deal Near U.S. Fleeced in Persian Rug Bazaar

As talks with Iran go down to the proverbial wire
Chances are fading we will get an agreement the U.S. should desire
In his desire for legacy Obama and Kerry this nation and its allies down the river sold
The inability to inspect any time anywhere could have been foretold
The failure to link any deal with Iran’s missile program to be curtailed and cut back
Means that when they do get their nukes we and our allies will face the threat of attack
This is a rogue nation that has consistently deceived and to our face lied
As a result sponsored terror by Iran, a lot of American soldiers have died
No Saudi, Turk, or Egyptian with a nuclear armed Iran literally a few miles away
Will not be terrified when the mushroom clouds in the Middle East will in the future rule the day
An arms race fueled by petro dollars and aided by Pakistan
Will move the region too close to destruction that the forces of reason will not withstand.
What is a mystery given the large volatile jihadist forces on Russia’s borders
Why Putin would  not actively work with the civilized world to contain such disorder
China likewise in its western borders from the forces jihad terror not immune
A decade from now the whole region in flaming radioactive ruins
A total lack of U.S. strategy and with this lack of resolve
With a military into a shrinking force to evolve
An image of a Secretary of State a former Navy Seal 
Hobbled on crutches like this nation touting an unwise coming deal.
© July 12, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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