Wednesday, September 2, 2020

With Hindsight Biden Attacks Trump CV Response


When it comes to memory Biden lacks

Like only yesterday Trump's China travel ban he attacked

Hindsight is great if you could go back and rewind the tape

You can't and given his mental failings from a perception he would have failed to hard to escape

It is true because of our population and Cuomo's nursing home sentences of death

Largest number of death with too many seniors on ventilators running out of breath

But on deaths per million which is apples to apples

Our deaths are 572 and death rates and ICU utilization drop as with CV we grapple

Nations with most death so measured Peru (880), Belgium (853), Spain (624)

UK (611),Chile (593),Italy (587, Brazil (578) Sweden (576) stats MSM chooses to ignore

Tests will soon approach 100 million and vaccines queuing up for Phase III trials

In fighting this pandemic Biden's a fool to suggest we have not gone extra mile

Biden hopes this nightmare before election does not end

Economy facing shutdown and struggling he believes to the White House voters will him send 

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