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September 26, 2020 Ridley's Believe It Or Not Mesothemiola Awareness Day


Ridley's Believe It Or Not September 26, 2020
         CV World Cases: The CV pandemic across the planet continues with 393,230 new cases (a 1.21%  increase compared to a .81% increase yesterday) to bring the total  over 32 million to 32,966,004 cases, 7,647,638  of  which  are active, 25,318,366 of which have been closed with 24,321,048 recoveries (96.06% compared to  yesterday’s 96.05%) and 996,430 deaths (3.94% compared to yesterday’s 3.95%) to continue the trend of increased recovery percentages and decreased mortality percentages.

         CV USA Cases: New cases of 254,048 with total cases over 7 million at 7,273,895 (a 3.62% increase compared to yesterday’s 2.64% increase) with 2,560,617 active cases of which 14,135, on a downward trend with slight blips from a high of 19,155 on July 23  (14,149 yesterday and 15,881 on September 1), are in serious or critical condition as trend continues to go down, and 4,713,278 closures, 208,904 of which have been deaths (4.43% compared to yesterday’s 4.46%) and 4,504,374 of which have been recoveries (95.57% compared to yesterday’s 95.54%) (our death rate percentages continue to improve and are finally in single digits since Cuomo repealed on May 10 his order sending CV positive patients to nursing homes and ADL facilities and on a deaths per million population measurement at 630 ranks behind Peru (968), Belgium (859), Spain (668), Bolivia (667), Brazil (661), Chile (657), and Ecuador (637),  and only slightly worse than UK (617), Italy (593), Sweden (581) that never closed its economy down like we did and Mexico (587) which announced it has run out of death certificates due to surge in deaths. We have now conducted 103,575,523 tests (now at 312,475/M compared to Russia at 306,270/M so Trump is telling truth that we conduct more tests in number and on a per capital basis but for the U.K. at 341,155).

       Non CV Case News: Trump has announced Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee for SCOTUS and the left has come unglued from Di-Fi probably warming up her anti Papist attacks and Bill Maher in a “she’s a f**king nut rant” to Schumer claiming falsely she’s not mainstream (you can’t make this up but Blues are attacking her adoption of two children from Haiti while former Blue Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman is rightfully castigating Blues for their attacks on her Catholic faith); BLM is supposed to stand for Black Lives Matter but Greater Atlanta BLM founder Sir Maejor Page to his disappointment has learned that it also means Bunko Laws Matter as he was arrested for taking $200,000 of donations to BLM and using them for personal expenditures (sadly whites infected with White Guilt Syndrome may be easy saps for BLM dishonest fund raisers); most people with their mental faculties still functioning know where they went to college so a great surprise that Biden was falsely claiming before  the South Carolina primary where black voters there pushed him over the top that he started his college education at Delaware State University which is a predominantly black school (dementia or pandering by lying for votes?); a  New York judge has ordered a judicial review of the investigation of Eric Garner’s death due to a choke hold during his arrest in 2014; a federal District Court Judge appointed by Obama citing COVID-19 concerns has struck down a Texas law prohibiting straight party line voting (what exposure is there to the virus in a poll booth 6  feet apart? Probably 0);

        Chicago/Baltimore Gun Violence: In Chicago as of September 24, 2020, the number of shootings increased to 3,153 of whom 538 have died (total travesty of BLM when blacks are shot and killed by blacks in droves and only sounds of silence and complete absence of any protests in front of City Hall demanding action to curb the killings and shootings); Baltimore with a fraction of Chicago’s population and hoping against all hopes that 2020 will not be a record in terms of deaths but now seems to be shooting less and killing less and is now 292 behind Chicago at 246 murders (when will Chicago and Baltimore get serious about this carnage or is this the case of true racism as a Blue run city turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to the slaughter of people of color by people of color and when will the left focus on the problem of color on color shootings in Blue run cities which  have  been way  more  deadly and way more numerous than shootings by  police or by random mass shootings which occur much less.
        As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest for this  day in history, a musical link to “Go Away Little Girl” by Donny Osmond,  the fact that you do not use plagiary and  a quote by William Wilson on the first Nixon Kennedy televised debate, 
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1. Mesothelioma Awareness  Day—created by the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation in 2004 to promote awareness of the disease and to seek cures while the numerous law firms specializing in seeking recovery of damages for coming down with the disease advertise heavily on television.

         2. National Hunting and Fishing Day—created by Congress in 1971 to celebrate hunting, fishing and shooting on the 4th Saturday of the month and to in so doing conserve and protect our outdoor environment.

              3. 1971 Number One Song— the number 1 song in 1971 on a run of 4 weeks was “Go Away Little Girl” by Donny Osmond in his first number 1 song as a soloist. Here is a recording of the song: This former teen heart throb had a successful career with the Osmonds, a solo career and a long stint with his sister Marie in Las Vegas and is still performing today.

            4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day is “plagiary” which means someone like a Joe Biden who plagiarizes.

             5. Blind Melon—celebrating the birth on this day in 1967 of Shannon Hoon a  singer, song writer and guitarist for the band Blind Moon. Sadly Shannon was into drugs and coming out of rehab to go on tour he had his drug counselor with him for moral support who failed in that endeavor as Shannon went into a drug binge after an unsuccessful concert in Houston on October 20, 1995 and died of a cocaine overdose the next day at age 27 in New Orleans before being picked up for a sound check for a concert later that day.

            On this day in:

         a. 1942 August Frank created a detailed memorandum outlining the disposition of personal property of Jews sent to the concentration camps and this Lieutenant General of the SS was convicted of War Crimes against Humanity and sentenced to life but was paroled in 1951 and died on March 21, 1984 at age 85.

           b. 1960  the first televised presidential debate took place between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy which almost everyone watching agreed that Kennedy crushed Nixon in a performance that vaulted him into the White House in a close election Nixon was supposed to win.

        c. 1973 the Concorde made its first nonstop transatlantic flight from Paris to Washington, D.C. in the record time of 3 hours 32 minutes.

            d. 1984 the United Kingdom and China entered into an agreement that the British possession of Hong Kong that was to exist for perpetuity would end in 1997.

           e. 2000 at an IMF and World Bank Summit held in Prague, demonstrations by 15-20,000 anti-globalization supporters turned violent with Molotov cocktails thrown at police and store fronts damaged.

            Reflections on the first televised Nixon Kennedy Presidential Debate: “Because in those meetings I had him do a light beige background. If you have a dark suit on, you pop right out. And, of course, Nixon had a gray suit on and he just melted back into the background. The most important thing I was able to do, I‘ve always believed, in terms of dealing with the look of the debate was the single pole and just the shelf on top for the notes. Because JFK was an elegant man, and I‘ve always said that you perceive by 50% body language, 25% attitude, and 25% what they say.”William Wilson, noted experienced  political adviser on the use of television in a political campaign retained by Kennedy and the force behind the single pole lecturn to emphasize Kennedy’s grace and youth.
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