Saturday, September 5, 2020

Truce Needed to End Over the Top Rhetoric From Both Sides

 Lincoln’s prophetic words that “A house divided will not stand”
Really need to be heard as over the top rhetoric sweeps the land
From the left labels of racist, fascist, terrorist, xenophobic, white supremacist on opponents quickly stuck
Against such untermensch so labeled violence on them is justified and runs amok
On the right its members are not without sin
As traitor, communist, rioter demented and socialist are added to the acrimonious din
Any attempt to have an argument without violence and with facts and reason
Is almost immediately dismissed by the other side bent on ad hominem attacks as treason
Words have consequences and words can like acts effectively divide
And until both sides tone down the rhetoric the chaos and riots will not subside
We are becoming so divided and seething with for the other side hate
That after the election that deadly emotion we have sown will not likely abate
Result will be more deadly violence more gridlock
With any chance to resolve issues affecting us all to be blocked
In the 60 some days before a president and congress we elect
We need a truce and all violence and ad hominem attacks we must reject
Sadly the fruits to the winner of a government that has become too large
May force efforts to rabid and often violent partisan attacks to be enlarged 

© September 5, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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