Friday, September 4, 2020

Rouda Charges Trump Is A Nazi Trying To Seize Control Implies Michelle Steel Is One Too


If you want to end discussion on any topic here’s what you must do
With a straight face, finger pointed rant “You are a Racist” until your face is Blue
Being labeled a racist in arguments is like the kiss of death
For the left in almost all cases it is their favorite shibboleth
As a racist, your foe has as much credibility as an addict hooked on meth
You can torment him with charges so fast it will be hard to take a breath
If somehow that charge does not work there are others more deadly in your quiver
Level the charge he is like Hitler or the Gestapo and watch him shake and shiver
For a Nazi given the heinous crimes of the Holocaust
For 6 million murders his right to live is lost
The racist charge has been used so many times its credibility has been blunted
Like a home run hitter with grand slam chance instead has bunted
But the Nazi, Gestapo or Hitler charge is nowhere near spent
From Germany for aping or supporting to jail you can be sent
To here if you are accused all manner of violence against you is justified
Being a Hitler means to left and many mainstream your life and pursuit of happiness may be denied
For that reason Rouda’s charge based on his knowledge of a Berlin museum on Nazis' rise
Can with a straight face claim that in Trump we see fascists coming to our democracy demise
I have seen many a Trump rally and have yet to see brown shirts wearing MAGA hats
No windows broken or shops looted or bystanders pummeled with posts or bats
No demands by brown shirt thugs that Jews wear a Yellow Star or crosses be lit
Only rhetoric by the left that further divides the country and will not quit
Even more dangerous is his implication that since Trump is a Hitler anyone in his party is one too
So Michelle is a Hitlerite and to save us from the Nazi scourge you must vote for me because I am Blue
Really despicable on Rouda’s part but he must be reading the tea leaves
A spineless, Pelosi puppet his reelection he will not achieve
He implies Michelle Steel is a Hitlerite whose parents from the North fled
To be under a totalitarian in the North they would rather be dead
If Rouda had any decency he would at least on implication Michelle is a Hitlerite deny
And though hard for him end ad hominem attacks and debates on issues try

© September 4, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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