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September 9, 2020 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


Ridley's Believe It Or Not September 9, 2020
        CV World Cases: The CV pandemic across the planet continues with 273,447 new cases (a .99%  increase compared to a .89% increase yesterday) to bring the total over 27 million to 27,871,869 cases, 7,035,836  of  which  are active, 20,836,371 of which have been closed with 19,931,836 recoveries (95.66% compared to  yesterday’s 95.63%) and 904,535 deaths (4.34% compared to yesterday’s 4.37%) to continue the trend of increased recovery percentages and decreased mortality percentages.

      CV USA Cases: New cases of 78,720 with total cases over 6 million at 6,444,645 (a 1.22% increase compared to yesterday’s .75% increase) with 2,528,541 active cases of which 14,459, on a downward trend with slight blips from a high of 19,155 on July 23  (14,581 yesterday and 15.881 on September 1), are in serious or critical condition as trend continues to go down, and 3,994,724 closures, 194,414 of which have been deaths (4.87% compared to yesterday’s 4.90%) and 3,800,310 of which have been recoveries (95.13% compared to yesterday’s 95.10%) (our death rate percentages continue to improve and are finally in single digits since Cuomo repealed on May 10 his order sending CV positive patients to nursing homes and ADL facilities and on a deaths per million population measurement at 587 ranks behind Peru (911), Belgium (855), Spain (633), UK (612), Chile (611), Bolivia (606), Ecuador (605), Brazil (602),  and Italy (589), ,  and only slightly worse than Sweden (578) that never closed its economy down like we did and Mexico (530) which announced it has run out of death certificates due to surge in deaths. We have now conducted 89,275,377  tests (now at 269,406/M compared to Russia at 267,491/M so Trump can now truthfully claim we conduct more tests on an absolute basis and on a per capital basis).
       Non CV Case News: Here’s a news flash to Blue Mayors in cities where residents feel, night or day, in or out of the house, they are targets in a shooting gallery, AG Barr claims that cities where Operation Legend is in place, murder rate has been cut in half (voters should ask what took Mayor Lightfoot so long to come to her senses and try to protect potential new gunshot victims in her deadly city); the assistant principal, Steven Lysenko, of Spencerport High School in Rochester, a disgraceful model of propriety for his students shown hurling F* Bombs at the police has been put on leave; on the military front, the U.S. has announced that 40% of its remaining troops in Iraq will be withdrawn by the end of September and the U.S. Navy has come to its senses and reversed its decision to cancel Catholic Masses at Southern California naval bases; on the immoral corruptness of the anti-Trumpers front, Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both 21, were indicted by a grand jury and arrested on charges of second-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree assault, attempted third-degree assault, offensive touching and felony hate crime for stealing a MAGA hat from a 7 year old and face up to 15 years (what has the hate against Trump come to?); Biden bamboozled donors out of $364.5 million in August to dwarf the $210 million raised for the Trump campaign which explains perhaps why Trump indicated he will spend his own fortune to insure election; a light bulb must have gone on in Cuomo’s brain as he announced that restaurants in NYC will be able to offer starting on September 30 indoor dining at 25% capacity, temperature testing, contact information for at least one member of the party and no bar service ( for those restaurants that have managed to hang on with outdoor dining the race will be on to see if indoor dining can be expanded before the cold and snow put a crimp on eating al fresco); we have known for a long time that Schiff lied like a rug but in a new book Abuse of Power we learn how a power hungry Schiff out maneuvered Nadler to become head of the House Impeachment Witch-hunt (Schiff still looking for an Impeachment Mulligan has announced a new whistle blower claim that the DHS suppressed Intel reports of Russian election interference); Trump has released a list of 20 potential judicial nominees for any vacancies on SCOTUS during his second term.

      Chicago/Baltimore Gun Violence: In Chicago as of September 8, 2020, the number of shootings increased to 2,914 of whom 496 have died (total travesty of BLM when blacks are shot and killed by blacks in droves and only sounds of silence and complete absence of any protests in front of City Hall demanding action to curb the killings and shootings); Baltimore with a fraction of Chicago’s population and hoping against all hopes that 2020 will not be a record in terms of deaths but now seems to be shooting less and killing less and is now 272 behind Chicago at 224 murders (when will Chicago and Baltimore get serious about this carnage or is this the case of true racism as a Blue run city turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to the slaughter of people of color by people of color and when will the left focus on the problem of color on color shootings in Blue run cities which  have  been way  more  deadly and way more numerous than shootings by  police or by random mass shootings which occur much less.
       As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest for this  day in history, a musical link to “Sh-Boom” The Crew Cuts,  the fact that you an absence of phonus-balonus from our leaders and a quote by Heather Ann Thompson on the Attica Prison Riot, 
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1.Tester’s Day—commemorating the day when researchers at Harvard discovered an actual bug, a moth between two layers of solenoids on a Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator but not celebrating the use of the term as Thomas Edison had used the term in conjunction with engineering issues as early as 1878.

      2. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day—created in 1999 to promote awareness that fetal alcohol spectrum disorders caused by mothers drinking during pregnancy are the leading cause of birth defects that can be prevented and which have potentially life lasting adverse effects on the baby.

      3. 1954 Number One Song— the number 1 song in 1954 on a run of 7 weeks was “Sh-Boom” by the Crew Cuts as their first and only number 1 hit song. Here us a recording of the song: The Crew Cuts were a Canadian quartet named after their hair style and were active from 1952 -1964. 

    4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day is “phonus-bolonus” which means exaggerated trickery or nonsense which describes what we witness on the political front and too often also on the MSM front.

       5. Sit on a Dock Not in a Plane--celebrating the birth on this day in 1941 of noted singer, songwriter and producer Otis Redding, Jr. who was aboard his private plane on December 9, 1967 enroute to Madison, Wisconsin from Cleveland, Ohio for a performance the next day with 4 members of the Bar-Keys and their valet when the pilot crashed into Lake Morona 4 miles from the airfield he was to land at, killing all but one person aboard. The song “Sittin on the Dock on the Bay” which Redding wrote and recorded 3 days before his death would become the first posthumous Number 1 song.

        On this day in:

        a. 1739 the Stono Rebellion, the largest slave revolt in British North America prior to the Revolutionary War erupted in Charleston, South Carolina and grew to some 60 slaves trying to march to Spanish Florida and freedom almost all of whom died in combat with militia or were captured and executed with a few survivors sold into slavery in the West Indies. Some 20 whites were killed before the rebellion was crushed.

        b. 1965 Hurricane Betsy after making a second landfall at New Orleans took 76 lives and became the first hurricane with the dubious distinction of being the first to cause over a $ billion in damages at $1.42 billion ($11.69 billion in today’s 2020 dollars).

         c. 1971 the 4 day Attica Prison in New York began which ended when Governor Nelson Rockefeller ordered New York State Troopers to reoccupy the prison which resulted after the tear gas had cleared in the finding of 10 dead prison guards and civilians, only 1 of whom had been killed by prisoners and 33 dead prisoners, 4 of whom had been killed by prisoners and the rest by the attacking troopers and 85 prisoners wounded by attacking troopers.

       d. 1993 in a what took you so long moment, the Palestine Liberation Organization recognized Israel as a legitimate state.

         e. 2015 Queen Elizabeth II became the longest serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom and is still going strong 5 years later to the dismay of her son Prince Charles who must fear with calls that he abdicate so Prince William along with his wife Kate can grace the English Throne that he never will be king.
         Reflections on the racism at Attica Prison as revealed after the riot: “Even at the time, however, National Guardsman Callahan could see that the abuses happening to prisoners following the retaking were fueled by outright racism. Callahan overheard one trooper bragging of shooting a black inmate with a .357 and watched him then give a “White Power salute.” He also saw “a prison guard sergeant telling this very tall, yellow-skinned black to strip” and when the man refused, the sergeant “told others to hold him down and then kicked him in the head like a football—he went limp.” Another Guardsman overheard one trooper saying to another over by a food stand outside Attica’s walls that it was “hot work killing niggers.” Racial hostility was in fact so intense that during the legislators’ tour that morning, even Assemblyman Arthur Eve was showered with invective. “Guards [were] yelling at Eve—get your nigger ass out of here.” ― Heather Ann Thompson, Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy

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