Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Maddow Caught Blaming Trump for Illegal Kids Separation with Obama Era Photos kau


For someone who is reputed to be somewhat smart

Rachel Maddow sure looks like she has embraced the I'm an idiot part

Slams Trump with photos of kids with Mylar blankets from their parents separated

Piously intoning the scars of separation will leave them forever devastated

Slight problem for this biased hack trying to be a top journalist queen

The photos shown during her rant on the small screen

Were not during Trump's administration but from Obama's time

Such blatant misleading of what few people watch her rants should be a crime

This hack deserves scorn and a click of the remote

She was jumping for glee on Steele dossier praying it be true so she could have an organismic gloat

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