Tuesday, September 8, 2020

When Slamming Trump on Vets "High Ranking Anonymous Sources" Code for Fake News


For a lawyer wanting to be a litigator here is Trial Tactics 101
Needs to be quickly learned as a young litigator’s career has just begun
If in trial on your side you have the facts
Hammer the facts when you go on attack
If in trial on your side you have the law
Hammer the facts the other side’s case is legally flawed
If you have neither the facts nor the law on your side
Rail and pound the table and your opponent’s character and integrity deride
Instead of law in journalism there are a similar set of tools
That when used your columns will large numbers of readers rule
If you have sources you can name and quote
The chances of your target escaping scorn will be remote
If your source will not be named
Using  “high ranking anonymous sources” will do the same
And since a journalist must never his sources without their consent yield
For the public to determine the truth they will not get by the confidentiality shield
In today’s advocacy journalism truth and objectivity are thrown into the ditch
Pandering to a base for more circulation and prizes enables one to become famous and rich
With shield of anonymous sources not reveal it is so easy to just lie
In today’s advocacy journalism on truth and objectivity one needs not to rely
So Atlantic Journalism 101 on Trump slamming vets as suckers and losers
Hits the press as lies protected by the shield of anonymous sources to protect the truth abusers
An anonymous source should be worth no more than a warm bucket of spit
Advocacy journalists at Atlantic their TDS Stage 4 increases daily and will not quit
Best defense against Fake News from the likes of the Atlantic magazine
Don’t subscribe and if delivered, be a good Green and toss it unread into the shredding machine

© September 8, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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