Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Another Day No Teleprompter Major Biden Gaffe How Bad Is His Dementia?


Every time Biden is in public not tied to a teleprompter it is time to cringe

His handlers are fearful that his gaffes or lapses show he is part of the dementia fringe

From June when he claimed 120 million Americans from CV had died

Makes one wonder how damaged are the brain cells on which he relied

In Michigan today another gaffe but at least the numbers had been reduced

Claimed 118,984 cases and 6,114 deaths from CV Trump's ineptness had let loose

Stats were Michigan not the military which is 7 but in his defense both military and Michigan start with "M"

But for most of us it seems more apparent the path to dementia is accelerating and no one is able to stem

Biden touts he carries a card that shows him the number in Iraq and Afghanistan of military dead

Makes you wonder with such a statement what can be going on within his head

Whatever his mental state in the past was is not the concern

It is what's happening today as it seems his mental faculties crash and burn

No animosity here as dementia is a fate that as we grow older too many of us face

I feel pity for an aging man who has endured a lot of grief and should be spending time with Jill free from the intense pressure of this race

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