Thursday, September 17, 2020

Harris Raised Money for Fund to Bail Protesters But Went to Violent Criminals


After George Floyd was killed handcuffed behind his back by a cop knee to his neck
Many citizens were outraged and in protest went to the streets to that behavior reject
But when the protests in Minneapolis were by violence hijacked
And police started to make arrests the Minnesota Freedom Fund was formed to on the streets protesters to put back
Kamala Harris tweeted for her supporters to funds donate
Biden campaign staffers were quick to put money on the collection plate
$3,450,000 was raised and spent on bail
To allow many of those arrested to get out of jail
But the Minnesota Freedom Fund seemed to be guilty of a bait and switch
Only $241,000 went to bail “protesters” whose 1st Amendment Rights may have been tossed into the ditch
The rest went to criminals many of whom were violent hard core
Like attempted murderers and sex offenders we would rather pending trial keep behind lock jail doors
Harris being the leftist she now is believes in no bail and accused pending trial must go free
No concern by her that they will appear or while waiting continue their crime sprees
With her armed guards as to mere mortals’ safety she could not care less
No wonder if a Biden win when it comes to law and order many believe much more criminal activity distress

 © September 17, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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