Monday, September 14, 2020

Compton Deputies Shot While the BLM Band Cheered On


Rumor has it that from the Blues on Trump the gloves will now come off

Given the rabid prior ad hominem demeaning attacks  it makes you want to scoff

Trump and his supporters have been scorned as Nazis, Gestapo and the men behind the pandemic of CV

After the Woodward interview the Blues want him down as the worst murderer for CV in the 2nd degree

They have been ranting non stop—Trump lied

200,000 Americans died

Forgetting the question how of many more

If Trump had not closed the Chinese and European admittance door

They also seem to have dismissed that early Nursing Home Thriller

Brought to us by Cuomo, the weak elderly in nursing homes with CV killer

The Blues support for BLM and their reluctance to violence to immediately condemn

Waiting for too much looting and burning while barely a finger to the violence stem

The shooter of the two deputies in Compton has not yet been caught

A major manhunt and huge reward as he is being sought

But as one deputy shot through the jaw struggled to call in and stop the bleeding to her partner’s head

Were black bystanders running to help or calling 911?  No they were cheering that two had been shot instead

Blues have been loath to condemn and their message to BLM is clear

You are protesting not rioting and from Blue leaders you have nothing to fear

Sadly in the streets of Compton and other cities across this nation

It’s retribution time for police “brutality” and for BLM’s acts no condemnation

Protests over excessive or deadly force turning into riots and looting

Will do absolutely nothing to prevent in the future illegal police shootings

Only leave black neighborhoods gutted and ruined

With employers and businesses not coming back very soon

 © September 14, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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