Monday, September 21, 2020

RBG Does Not Have the Right to Select Her Successor, Trump Does and Should


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an icon for liberal causes
Her legacy of decisions will live on due to stare decisis in the law
She is reputed to have said what no one has heard
That she wanted her successor appointed by a new president as her last words
But she was appointed for life or until she retired not from the grave
Her parting words even if true do not give the left a veto of a nomination they crave
The president is elected for a term of four years
And those powers while in office do not before 12 noon on January 20 disappear
Trump has the Constitutional right and many say duty to vacancies on SCOTUS fill
To ignore the rabid cries of hysteria subverting Ginsburg’s legacy rising so shrill
The Senate may vote yea or nay on Trump’s nominee but it should vote
Discarding any attempts by the Blues to delay or to revoke
We have a Constitution that proscribes how to a vacancy fill
Not like a prewar Germany where a dying Chancellor left a replacing will
If Trump nominates a justice well qualified to defend and the Constitution support
Shame on the Blues if regardless of merit Bork the nominee to the nomination abort
Blues sensing a corpse victory demand across the land unrestrained power
Why they will fight tooth and nail to prevent a conservative judge who will force them in their efforts to ignore the Constitution to cower

© September 21, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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