Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Rock Endorses Biden and Harris Huh?


For the Blues too often “peaceful protests” in support of BLM means no one has been shot and killed
Burning looting, attacking the police, and burning only means “peaceful protest” it is still
Jennifer Rubin who was as left as left could be was a “conservative” in her Twitter profile
Talk about the Devil’s Dictionary blatantly the meaning of words to defile
The Rock in his Biden Harris endorsement on Twitter claims to a centrist be
Yet does he not know Biden and Harris is the most leftist ticket in Blue history
He proclaimed his belief that people should be treated with respect
Did he miss the Kavanaugh hearings when all decorum and decency Harris did reject?Will he watch her join the parade of Blues demanding Barrett’s head?
Because she adopted two Haitians and her Catholic faith in personal life will not shed?
For a man of action in his roles what about Biden’s mental state did he miss?
In his virtual video endorsement could he not see mentally something was remiss?
Given the minute or so Biden spoke without pause, stumble or gaffe
There had to have been off camera a teleprompter or script cards held by staff
Given that if Biden wins the 25th replacing him soon will be a take it to the bank bet
With a neophyte with no private sector job roles trying to pull economy out of tank he will his endorsement regret

© September 27, 2020 the Alaskanpoet.

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