Sunday, September 6, 2020

Triple Digit Heat In L.A. Ringed By Wildfiress and Blackout Fears


California is suffering from one two blows
Daily as the temps climb we wonder how high they will go
In the background the beast of blackouts roam
As demands for power surge how soon before we lose it at businesses and homes
We look with envy to Denver in triple digits today
For on Tuesday snow for them is on the way
For us more heat and worse more wild fires continuing to burn
No wonder we in the Golden State are worried and concerned
Restaurants can only server patrons outside
Cannot let them as in the past come into air-conditioned comfort inside
What patron wants to eat a meal dripping in sweat at 100 plus degrees?
Unless lucky enough to dine at oceanfront not a hint of a cooling breeze
As we swelter into the evening hours of the too slowly cooling night
We begin to worry whether in her warnings on climate change AOC was partially right

© September 6, 2020 Michael P. Ridley

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