Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hirono and Blumenthal in a Snit Won't Even Meet with Judge Barrett


Senator Hirono famous for her “Women must be heard and women must be believed”
Unless of course it is a woman like Tara Reade to against Biden justice trying to achieve
Senator Blumenthal famous for claiming military service in Vietnam when he had not
Then later saying he had misspoken when his falsehood was caught
Are the first two Blue Senators on the Judiciary Committee out the box
Who when Judge Amy Coney Barrett comes knocking to meet will have their office doors locked
Both of these icons of Senate civility and decorum are more like spoiled little brats
If they on playground can’t get on the softball team they want, they stomp off with the only ball and bat
Blumenthal tries to justify that he will not participate in an illegitimate nomination
Since Trump’s term ends on January 20 at noon, his stand merits  only strong  condemnation
Hirono ignoring her duty to keep an open mind
Will at least question her at the hearing solely for anti-Trump sound bites to find
Not sure which is worse when Senators like Blumenthal and Hirono are MIA from their jobs
Or are present with the sole purpose and intent to against a super qualified nominee to ad hominem insults lob

© September 26, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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