Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Waldorf Astoria bugged by new Chinese owners?

In a scene reminiscent of the new American Embassy infested with bugs
Not the insect kind but the spying kind that caused us to pull the plug
Leaving it abandoned an expensive useless bug infested shell
Where our diplomats could not work or dwell
In New York City our Ambassador to the UN is going to have to take a hike
Over concerns that the Waldorf Astoria may now be infested with unseen listening mikes
That venerable hotel has housed the UN Ambassador for over 50 years
Expensive digs but with Chinese hacking new security fears
With all those trade surplus dollars a Chinese company has bought the hotel
Given the proclivity of the Chinese to hack a risk of spying one cannot dispel
Fair warning to U.S. businesses sending executives to do business in New York City
Stay in a hotel owned by the Chinese and you may be spied on without remorse or pity
In the same way the U.S. publishes a terrorist organization list
Good idea to publish Chinese owned hotels so the temptations to stay there a company can resist
Hard to be productive knowing the rooms, restaurants, lobbies and elevators are probably bugged and not secure
By a government that does not play by the rules with motives not pure
While making the hotel list we should not stop there
Add the office buildings unless one’s IP with the Chinese, one wants to share
© June 17, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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