Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Up in Smoke or Nickel and Dime on DEA

Maybe it is because of second hand highs from rising columns of burning marijuana smoke
Or the hypocrisy of the DEA in lack of enforcement highlighting a drug prohibition system that is broke
Rep Lieu from the Golden State puts forth a bill to defund marijuana eradication by the DEA
Even though 4 million plants are destroyed to pot lovers’ dismay
If in D.C. the use of marijuana is not banned even for recreational use
Why not go for the whole enchilada instead of DEA funding trying to reduce?
The issue of effects of marijuana when in long term use
Needs some serious research and debate not some half assed defunding excuse
Marijuana like alcohol affects the brain  but also the lungs long term in ways not completely known
The jury is out on what kind of behavioral or lung cancer seeds are being sown
Nothing breeds more contempt and  disrespect for the law than when certain laws not enforced  are not reformed
Causing more and more the violations of our legal framework to be suborned
Perhaps a debate awareness needed first step but more like a bill of nickel and dime
Rather than a needed discussion of whether marijauna use should or should not be a crime
If yes as black neighborhoods are of young males being stripped
And black families apart totally ripped
What should the penalties be or instead how much should rehab prevail?
Clear that we have way too many non violent expensive to maintain prisoners in our jails
If not what are the proper consumer safety regs, warning labels and taxes to assess
Not to kill a golden goose but to put the blood sucking drug cartels under great duress
© June 10, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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