Monday, June 22, 2015

Taylor Swift Takes a Bite Out of Apple

Apple is a high tech giant with a global logo
Innovation making billions of never ending profit dough
The genes and DNA of Steve Jobs somehow in management able to transplant
Creativity and innovation the anti risk bean counters not able to supplant
A bite out of the Apple is the image in the tech world they want us to take
Today we learn of another bite out of us this company wanted to take
Creativity in comp sci and electronics and artists share a common soul
And at the end of the day to feed a family share a common goal
Apple listening to its bean counters not its founders’ vision
Tried to put the creative compensation in a major revision
Try us royalty free for ninety days to use our new music stream
While during the trial period the artists we will on compensation ream
We do not receive free to try for 90 days iPhones or Macs
Why would they think that royalties for 90 days could hold back
Taylor Swift who has made more money with her talent than God
Outraged stated no way for the aspiring artists can you beat with the no royalty rod
No way can you use my latest album without payment which act violates your values core
The sound today of Apple’s total surrender was that of the bean counters crashing to the floor.
Good for you Taylor Swift,
An Alaskanpoet applauds your causing Apple to shift
© June 22, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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