Sunday, June 28, 2015

Greek Banks to Close

The siege in Greece has been waged for many a month, many a year
No political will for the needs of austerity for the Greeks to adhere
On Monday Greece will swallow the financial equivalent of a Trojan Horse
Failed attempts at bailout finally have run their course
Banks will be closed in Greece and concerns over the ripples of Greece’s collapse
A chilling reminder of the inevitable when controls over spending lapse
The lessons of Greece as our national debt soars have not been learned
A currency ultimately will collapse when basic principles politicians continue to spurn
At some point in time you have to spend less than you tax
At some point you have to step aside and let this economy get back on track
Who follows Greece and how soon?
Italy Spain, Portugal, who will be next to succumb from self induced fiscal wounds?
The world has become a very intertwined and interconnected place
A financial collapse in one country could spread faster than confidence the IMF might replace
Hard to believe that today’s Greeks are the descendants of those Macedonians who conquered most of the known world
Or held fast outnumbered hundreds to one at a narrow pass while the forces of Xerxes swirled
Cradles of democracy and enlightened thought
Laid low by the effects of overspending rot.
© June 28, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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