Monday, June 1, 2015

Senator Graham in the Race

Today, another hat was thrown into the crowded Republican race
Staking out a position clearly that American decline he wants to erase
Reminds one in a way hopefully not of another officer in the Air Force Reserve
Who years ago wanted in the midst of the Cold War as President this country serve
We have not had a qualified Commander in Chief during the better part of six and one half years
Only one who  seems clueless as to radical Islam, prefers golf and fund raising and to his military advisors turns deaf ear
Senator Graham is right when he states he is from day one the most qualified to be Commander in Chief
For those of us in the tens of millions concerned over our national security  erosion he would bring great relief
Fitting that he used the term radical Islam, a term that for Obama does not exist
Fitting that he called attention to the need to the Taliban 5’s movement from Qatar resist
Fitting that almost like Mel Gibson playing Hal Moore he pledged to give troops what they need they would need
Fitting that on one of the ticking time bombs he was devoid of the Clinton like we were broke or have to pay my bills greed
Taking a little less, paying in a little more and working a few more years
Somewhat straight forward without the gnashing of teeth or the shedding of hysterical tears
Watch for the media to go ballistic over additional troops on the ground to ISIS fight
Watch for the media to portray Graham as a hopeless pawn of the far right
And sadly watch for the Blues to air a takeoff of that election killing commercial in 64 resurrect
The little girl counting petals before the screen vaporized—any means justified to Hillary elect
Senator Graham welcome to the Red race and please to Reagan’s 11th Commandment adhere
With the possible exception of Rand Paul to cries to attack your fellow Reds turn a deaf ear!
© June 1, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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