Monday, June 1, 2015

TSA Fooled 96% of Time

Just when one thinks it might be safe to be in the sky
News about the TSA that will remove any urges of wanting to fly
We have endured removing our belts and shoes
Stood forever in long lines that barely seem to move
Body pat downs and  scans that will give the TSA viewers some perverse jollies
Wondering why we as loyal citizens have to put up with such follies
But like our British cousins have soldiered on with a stiff upper lip
Inconvenience worth it so terrorists trying to board airplanes do not give us the slip
No planes seized and no bombs brought aboard so the TSA must be doing something right?
Insuring through their skill, alertness, and equipment that we have a safe flight
Today we learn that when it comes to bringing guns and bombs aboard, the TSA is easily fooled
We find that the TSA employees are the dunces of the bomb and firearm detection school
96% of the time undercover agents were able to bring dummy guns and bombs aboard and not get caught
Calls into major question what kind of training at TSA is being taught?
Worse, the failings are not at just one airport but widespread
If not undercover and if not dummy, a lot of people would be now dead
The reports are classified but somehow Fox was able to obtain
Not a lot of comfort in having to board a plane
In our PC world, unlike El Al, we avoid profiling like the proverbial deadly pox
No wonder the jihadists view us as the world’s laughing stock
© June 1, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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