Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rubio Slammed by Bias Grey Lady

Once again the Grey Lady ignores Rubio’s ideas and first attacked his and worse his wife’s traffic tickets
On almost any blush it seems that such reporting is not anywhere near cricket
Rubio’s qualifications to be a president should not depend
On his wife’s driving record when 30 years ago in the life of Secret Service luxury, Hillary’s driving came to an end
A few speeding tickets but with a license always in force
Has nothing to do with his qualifications to alter this nation’s declining course
Who among us mere mortals have not, lured by the open road free of traffic clog,
With a heavier pedal picked up speed as opposed to the mundane rush hour traffic slog
But if Rubio’s traffic record is fair game
Same with Bill’s sexual antics now fair game?
Like a puppet of the left trying to dirt on Rubio bring
The blowback immediately caused the Grey Lady to try another song to sing
Suddenly Rubio is unfit to be President because of his mortgage and student loans
Common with the 99 percent excluding Hillary that if you listen can hear from financial stress groan
Rubio must be affected with the spendthrift curse because when into money he purchased a yacht
Not “Misbehaving” with servings of Rice, only a boat for fish to catch that his family sought
Obviously not an expensive, spendthrift toy
But a tool for values to impart and young children to enjoy
The Grey Lady has made money management a prerequisite presidential qualification skill
Time to focus on Hillary’s claim after a 10 million dollar advance of being “dead broke” not able to pay their bills
Or the concept of Bill and Hillary receiving millions over the years for giving speeches
Linked to their Foundation donations from supplicants wanting to into her favor pocket deeply reach
Better yet given their involvement in support of the factual basis for Clinton Cash a call to start acting like an independent press
Instead of using bogus issues to try to derail a serious candidate and his solutions to our decline suppress.
© June 10, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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