Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Magnificent Seven Deja Vu

The Magnificent Seven Déjà Vu
Not since Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner rode into a dusty Mexican town
Has the world seen such a band of free spirits of such great renown
The mission in Santa Barbara has been to secrecy sworn
No way will these Magnificent Seven have to attorn
The pier and beach will tell no tales
Only crash of waves and breezes filling sails
Income inequality we may always have with us
Even though that idea should be thrown under a bus
But the equality of the open road from family and hubbies free
Is an idea needed to grab the low hanging fruit on the spirit tree
After a weekend in Santa Barbara of let the good times roll
The Magnificent Seven are weak in body but intact in soul.
Veronica the ring leader of Bonny Maronny fame
Was the ring leader for the voices of reason to tame
Michelle the masculine form of the Alaskanpoet
Is with her tattoo a ball of fire and she knows it
Patricia or Patsy to her friends that she never will wear
Obviously turned the heads and relished the leering stares
On your mark, get ready, get set
Hold on to your shorts, here in Santa Barbara comes Lisette
Becky is the nickname of woman whose full name is full of grace
When shy beckons the men heading toward in a full on steam race
Yvette is somewhat unique in her designer French like top
But when she smiles the stares will not stop
Martha of Washington fame is clearly a ringleader in wait
When it comes to partying she is impossible to sate
But all kidding aside,
Know these women and you are in for a treasured ride
The Magnificent Seven coming back on a train
A way to prolong the weekend such the memories grow and do not wane
And for a poet who had a chance to in some small way record
More so than ever Amtrak is right when it says welcome aboard
© May 17 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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