Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trump's On the Stump--Losers Beware

Today, it became official and Sir Donald is officially on the presidential stump
Long speech sometimes off the cuff, laced with Obama/Clinton/Kerry acts he would dump
So much for Reagan’s 13th Commandment, some of his Red opponents were hit with the loser label
But in 45 minutes he attacked the decline of America  and why 4 more years of Obama like policies we must not enable
Running for President and being President are not like negotiating a business deal
One can only wonder if at 69 this is a reality show ego trip or like Perot a quest quite real
One thing is for certain from his announcement speech
The Chinese who hold too much of our debt must know he has an anti Chinese feeling in main street reached
That country has stolen our IP, manipulated its currency, increasing its military to the U.S. vital interests contest
Hacked into our nation’s privacy data in increasing trends it refuses to arrest
We have not had a cowboy image since Reagan caused the Iranians to shit in their pants
And to the Russians threw the gauntlet down to star war them into poverty to their dreams of domination supplant
Maybe the Chinese rightfully feel
That after years of Obama like wimp, a new sheriff in town with a backbone of steel
The scion of Brooklyn who buildings he obviously knows how to build and with tenants fill
Just may be the voice in the wilderness to impose upon the world an end to the trends that our jobs continue to be killed
This poet’s only fear is that to negotiate to win the cards must be held close to the vest
Be it Red, Blue or Trump any thoughts of nontransparency we must as voters demand the candidates divest
© June 16, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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