Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Newport Beach to Audit Its Taj Mahal

Newport Beach is noted for its harbor of expensive yachts and million dollar shacks
With so many Beemers, Mercedes, and Lexi in its malls, it is hard to keep track
Fashion Island rivals the most elegant and expensive shopping venues on the planet
When it comes to attracting wealth and consumption, Newport Beach is a magnet
Hard to believe that this city was once run from a bunch of trailers near the beach
Even harder to fathom way telecommuting lessons did not the city fathers teach
Almost 150 million spent on palatial City Hall
Called by many a second Taj Mahal
Fitting that on the day when in 1631 a Shah’s wife in childbirth died
Another Taj Mahal was started once the Shah had no more tears to cry
That the light bulbs of frugality finally went on at City Hall
An independent audit to discover why such a price tag the city did not forestall
Sounds like a locking the barn door moment after the cows have fled
Probably won’t address the issue of cheaper alternatives instead
100 grand out of our pockets to determine what went wrong and how to future disasters of waste prevent
But unlikely the audit will curb the appetite of government at any level to have more money spent
Maybe the audit could be sold as a case study for city managers and councils to study the lessons learned
After all even in Newport Beach the often plucked taxpayers do not have money to burn
© June 17, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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