Monday, June 22, 2015

Haley's a Class Act Hillary a Demagogue Reacts

A tragedy has occurred in a Charleston church that defies belief
Scenes of grieving blacks and whites coming together in grief
How could a sick young man sit for an hour listening to a Bible study in a pew?
How listening to the word of God could he not his killing urges eschew?
How could he then tell the worshippers “You have to go”?
Only God can judge, but a great justification for having a Hell waiting for him below
Roof evidently published a racial manifesto hoping his killings a race war would ignite
The Last Rhodesian burning our flag and trying to drag us into the evil forces of the night
Déjà vu of another group of terrorists in 1969 who killed four innocents including Sharon Tate
Who was so tragically leaving on the morn in a very advanced pregnant state
Fueled by lust and an sick mind that killing more whites
Would ignite the race war desired; his “Family” killed two more the next night
L.A. was terrified but fortunately the architect of Helter Skelter was soon caught
And to this day this sick mind is still in prison where he continues to rot
Roof’s background and rearing and life forming impressions should slowly emerge
To somehow find the causes of an insane desire to from this country all blacks purge
Looking at his photo should give all of us a major chill
Those are the eyes of dehumanized man ready without remorse to kill
If one looks at Manson in 69 and today
Same look, no remorse, no restraints on a need to humans slay
Manson might claim as a child of an unmarried alcoholic mom
Sold for a beer, into drugs and petty crime, was a ticking psychotic time bomb
At this moment, with respect to Roof the racist feelings were not easy to hide
Like so many other cases of terror attacks the feelings grew and did not subside
Sadly like so many signs they were dismissed as jokes
Another statistic of a mental health system totally broke?
Governor Haley can only be described as a truly class act
Appearing after the shooting and trying so hard to hold signs of emotions back
While the queen in waiting in San Francisco was lashing out at racist rhetoric of her Red foes
When it comes to exploiting a tragedy for political reasons Hillary moves  at hyper speed never slow.
Deal the race card, pander to the left and raise the cry for more gun control laws
Like Obama when it comes to uniting be black or white or red or blue, she is a demagogue somewhat flawed
Hillary plays the race card while Haley appeared so presidential today
Announcing she will move to seek legislation that on State grounds the Stars and Bars will no longer be displayed
Too bad Haley is not running to seek the White House
A message  supported by acts of uniting not dividing she would espouse
  © June 22, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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