Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Harf and Blynkin Out to Lunch on ISIS

As the Vietnam War dragged on and support for it began to fall
With each new regime change the American public less likely to be in for the long haul
Each day on night time TV in living color the horrors of this war were brought into our living rooms
More and more broken and maimed bodies and more body bags increasing a sense of doom
As difficulties in winning against the VC and NVA continued to mount
The Pentagon continued more and more for support to push the enemy body count
Be you a civilian or an unseen VC in the bush gainfully trying to hide
If we fired or bombed in your direction you became a statistic in the rising body count tide
If one of our soldiers sadly died
Given our fire power we must have killed 10 on the enemy’s side
Completely bogus which Tet finally in its gory detail revealed
Even Uncle Walter bailed and our ability to no longer increase our troops sealed
History now repeats itself in the “air war” against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Marie Harf through her rose colored glasses claimed 10,000 had been killed by our attacks
Light bulb Marie you on this are smoking dope, completely devoid of any basis or any facts
The only good news of this dribble is that the press is reasserting the skepticism on Obama’s policies the press has heretofore lacked
Casualty figures are always difficult to verify
But in 100,000 sorties in 43 days before Desert Storm 10-12,000 Iraqis died
88,000 tons of bombs left their bomb bays
An absolute crushing use of airpower on display
Here a gnat like average of 10 or so a day
Without any FACs on the ground to enable our precision skills to come into play
Worse our air “campaign” against ISIS is subject to the Obama like LBJ micro manage curse
And to the mantra of collateral damage be one hundred percent averse
As much as the statements on ISIS by Ms. Harf
Makes me ill and makes me want to barf
The true culprit is her boss now filling in for Kerry as his broken leg mends
Winken, Blynken and Nod, the eye of Blynkin closed so ISIS reality he cannot begin to comprehend
© June 3, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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