Saturday, June 6, 2015

Beau Biden RIP

This poet in his lifetime has gone to too many funerals which number seems to be increasing as I get older; but three of those have been funerals in which parents had to bury a child--not the way the world is supposed to work. Joe Biden has had to do this twice over 40 years apart. My prayers and this poem went out to him. RIP Beau. Thank you Joe for bringing and rearing your son in this world. 
Unless you were a member of the tribe or clan around a fire
With nothing but terror and unknown beyond the wire
Another human was a not a friend but an unknown threat
An open hand to shake might be a movement to regret
Not much different today as the campfires by the EPA have been shut down
And rancor and blame rules in the streets, commons and alleys of D.C. town
Yet for a brief moment the tears wash away the partisan walls
Before the thief of the night a fate that awaits us all
Beau Biden a son and father who would be impossible not to praise
Buried today to as believers to another more tranquil phase
The images and the eulogies would from all but the most stoic many a tear
To have known this man or to his values as father, son and servant adhere
As a father this poet can only barely comprehend
The grief of a father and stepmother Jill when a young life must end
Prayers to you Joe Biden, Jill and your family in this hour
May God reach and comfort you with all His loving power.
© June 6, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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