Monday, June 8, 2015

Clinton Plays the Race Card

Mrs. Clinton must be finally awaking to the fact
That trust and honesty an increasing number of voters believe she lacks
How much longer the growing quid pro quo scandal of the Foundation
Governments paying Bill outrageous sums for speeches and making millions in donations
The Clintons have moved up the food chain in the favors for money quid quo pros
The Lincoln Bedroom nights on those supporters to bestow
Today seem like mere pocket change to reward supporters with a night unique
But the appearance of trading favors sought by governments in a word reeks
Playing against the Clintons in the political game of chance
One finds the odds are stacked against you as a foe tries to advance
For the Clintons play with a marked deck
So easy for her to the race card, gender card and antivoting card to detect
The race for the office that Hillary will go to any lengths of win
Is barely a month old and the champion of the middle class is on a race card spin
So far we have not heard the income inequality card played
Probably due to the about of millions in speeches by the Clintons displayed
We face major issues in the nation and in the world that need rational discussion to surmount
Not diverting attention as her honesty and integrity problems continue to mount.
The Clinton playbook winning page has always been
Unless convicted of a felony the Clintons will win.
As one goes to the voting booth in 2016 regardless of the Red nominee a simple question to ponder
If she ignored the orders of Obama at State, as President how far from the Constitution and honesty will she wander?
© June 8, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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