Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Reason for Police Body Cams

When the image of the scales of justice comes to mind
The image is that when it comes to race or standing, the lady is blind
But if blindfold is pulled and the eyes of justice can a criminal act record
The law works and a chance for justice for accused and victim is the reward
With tensions at flash point over unfilmed police shootings
With the myths of hands up unleashing riots and lootings
In North Charleston we have dodged the proverbial bullets that killed a running man shot down in the back
But for the grace of God and a brave citizen with a cell phone who captured the murder of an unarmed black
Once again with only the story of the officer who in his account would have lied
A bogus claim that the victim had grabbed his taser and so the shooting was justified
Not only was the victim unarmed as he ran away but the officer appears to have on the video tried to a taser plant
A desperate attempt to by this officer the truth of what really occurred to supplant
It is time to arm the police with body cams to protect citizens and also the thin Blue Line as the laws it tries to enforce
To have a chance to eliminate or reduce the distrust when an officer must resort to the use of deadly force
The more body cam videos shown the more likely this wave of painting all police with a racist and trigger happy brush
Will subside and the unsupported allegations of brutality we will not see to a judgment rush.
 The officer has been charged with murder as an individual but not as an entire police force
Time to let our jury system and a fair trial run its course

 © June 8, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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