Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hillary: Back of the LIne

Hillary’s “campaign” consists thus far of hiding from questions from the press
After months still not ready to questions on her emails and the Foundation to address
Any appearances involve only supporters in the audience to be vetted and picked
Above all the queen in waiting must have a carefully, tightly controlled script
An impromptu moment with responses must be avoided at all costs
In no way can her handlers risk the image of “champion of the people” to be lost
In a TV moment reminiscent of a campaign moment that had canine lovers up in arms
In a moment the evaporation of the Hillary veneer of a protecting champion of the people charm
LBJ’s moment was in 1964 when he held one of his beagles up from the ground for a better photo op
Animal lovers across the nation released a barrage of animal cruelty that for months would not stop
Ironic since LBJ truly loved and adored his beagles Him and Her
 But Hillary views us mere mortals as a coronation evil she must endure  
LBJ would be faced by in November by Goldwater successfully but wrongly portrayed as a right wing kook
The only way voters would have shunned him would be if he would have given his beagles to the White House chef to cook.
Hillary’s impromptu moment was more subtle but it showed how quickly she can turn
This time on a senior citizen’s request for an autograph she with no grace quickly spurned
With her ranking of honesty and credibility sinking like a stone
And no Goldwater running no wonder she is terrified that her true character will be shown.
Her most recent Blue opponent quickly saw the moment and like a good Irishman grabbed his pen
And like a true man of the mortals was willing and eager to sign autographs again and again
© June 2, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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