Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DC Bombs Are Not Real Bagdhad's Are

Ironic the day after Obama admitted in Europe that his “strategy” against ISIS is not complete
But true to form blamed the Pentagon for not having the strategy to ISIS defeat
The Senate was holding hearings on the security lapses at TSA
Failures to exclude airport workers on terrorist lists to our outraged dismay
Suddenly the Capitol Police into the hearing room appeared
Ordering those assembled to the room quickly clear
A  phoned—in “credible” threat of a potential bomb that security could not discount
Then almost moments behind, security fears at the White House now mount
During the White House daily briefing another phoned—in “credible” threat
A quick and almost unheard of evacuation while a briefing in progress, no wonder people on security worries may be upset
Maybe an overreaction but the Secret Service with the Oval Office just a few yards away
After miscues of fence jumpers in the past everyone was evacuated without delay
The “credible” threat must have proved to be a false alarm
Even so a chilling reminder of how close in the world of terror we are close to mortal harm.
Presidents are not always fond of the press especially when it is fulfilling its proper questioning role
But it is mind boggling that unless a press member is from the “Jihadist Times” hard to believe a member of the press is a Jihadist mole.
It is also next to impossible to believe that Ernest was on such a press hot seat
That he would need a break to collect his thoughts and to his office beat a quick retreat
While we are wondering about false bombs in our capital city
In Baghdad the bombs are real and killing men, women and children without pity
The Jayvee team another video has released that Baghdad will soon be taken
Bragging once again that when Obama underestimates their strength he is sadly mistaken
No strategy only Obama fingers to point of blame
With Obama not a chance to destroy ISIS much less tame
© June 9, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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