Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rumor of Police Execution Shot Down

In today’s climate of distrust between communities of color and the police
A short fuse on a powder keg when a black man joins the ranks of the deceased
A police shooting has two victims, the man of color lying down covered by a sheet
The other is truth pummeled quickly by rumor and bias before it can safely retreat
From the “Hands up don’t shoot” myth of Michael Brown to today’s early “shot in the back”
Truth pushed aside to the siding and rumor steaming ahead on the express green lit track
In Boston on Tuesday Isaama Rahim was caught on a surveillance video lunging at retreating officers with a knife
Then shot down by the officers justified in fear of their life
Instead of waiting for the rumor of police execution to rear its ugly head
The surveillance video shows a lunging with a knife instead
The investigation of the shooting is by no means complete
And another suspect in this beheading plot is in a courtroom’s arraignment seat
Muslim and black community leaders have seen the video and the rumors seem to have been quelled
Unless release to the public would hinder a fair trial, a release to the public would prevent another Baltimore like rioting hell
But before we start doing high fives and seeking to the football spike
Events in Boston show there are many more sleeper jihadists waiting to us strike
Will the end of the Patriot Act and its replacement have kept the FBI in the dark on this plot to behead?
Such that the breaking news would have been about a dead man or women in blue instead?
© June 3, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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