Monday, October 13, 2014

Will Obama's Plan Against ISIS Work? A Snowball's Chance In Hell

Why is it that the lessons of history our president forgets or chooses to ignore?
 Even the slightest glance at Rolling Thunder would tell him what his plans have in store
Our air “campaign” to contain ISIS and then destroy it
With the lessons of history does not seem to fit
In 1965 we flew 55,000 sorties into North Vietnam dropping 33,000 tons.
A war to contain movement of supplies and men south we never won
But Obama’s civilian supporters might say that was different, the bombs were not smart
Response would be that even smartest bombs do not destroy a fanatic’s will or heart
In Desert Storm we flew over 100,000 sorties in a just a few weeks, dropped almost 90,000 tons
A war by air only to force withdrawal from Kuwait of the Guard, we never won
These were not all dumb iron but laser guided smarts
But still did not change Hussein’s will or his heart
Only when the boots and tanks were unleashed against the Republican Guard
Did the Iraqis outgunned, outmaneuvered in a 100 hours fold like a house of cards
 Today less than 300 air strikes flying blind with no spotters on the ground
Anyone who thinks this “campaign” will work is waiting for the tooth fairy to come to town
After his famous red line in the sand against Syria what county  will come on our side
Too fearful Obama will tire or pull the plug and recede faster than a Bay of Fundy outgoing tide
The only true allies that might have a chance are the Kurds
Whose pleas for heavier weapons remain ignored and unheard
This mess is but another example of a President who will not even try to lead
As to sound military advice he may listen but continues to refuse to heed.
Turkey in the Korean War sent a brigade to fight with us and like true warriors they fought
Today despite all the aid our pleas to Turkey to come join us against ISIS are for naught
Not that they are afraid of ISIS that is absurd
Not because of their difficulties with the Kurds
But because they like most remember the red line and question how long Obama will be at their side
How soon after the midterms he will lose heart and to his “contain and destroy” vow no longer abide?
Another great speech followed by a fundraiser basking in the vow to contain and destroy
Another red line since a vow to no boots on the ground to once again deploy
© October 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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