Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hong Kong Democracy Continue People's Daily: U.S. Fault

The news out of Hong Kong is that democracy protests will not fade away
The quest for freedom with humanity even in China has great sway
China is still ruled by the iron hand of the Communist Party in Beijing
A press there plays only the songs the party wants it to sing.
The People’s Daily is quick to condemn that the democracy movement in Hong Kong
The democracy quests are not the forces within that a sense of freedom long
No, this is the fault of our Congress that they allege is funding NED
The National Endowment for Democracy a nonprofit helping democracies spread
Humanity’s desired for freedom does not need external forces to leave its enslaved bed
It comes from within; obviously the works of Thomas Paine and others they have not read
The leaders in Beijing may on the surface like Western counterparts appear
But rather than with ballots and debate they hold on to power with bullets and fear
It takes a brave group of students to shake the dragon’s tail
And all of us should pray that they do not fail
Tiananmen Square is an example of what the leaders will do to keep control
If the protests increase or spread, without doubt protestors’ heads will roll
No wonder the leaders wage a constant war to the internet block
Allow the exchange of ideas and visions of freedoms enjoyed and the leaders power grip will be unlocked.  
© October 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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