Monday, October 13, 2014

CDC Doubles Down As Credibility May Slip New Ads Falsely Blame Reds

To some extent the blame for this nightmare on Obama’s shoulders does not completely rest
The panic arising after the second case that CDC will not the spread of Ebola arrest
But after the you can keep your plan and doctor lie
The cause of the growing mistrust of the CDC it may underlie
The people have been assured by the CDC and health agency heads
That we are safe and this Ebola scourge  will not be spread
Almost before the decibels of the conference had floated off into the air
Another case reported leading many to wonder is the credibility of the CDC beyond repair?
A trained nurse who treated Clark in full protective gear
Infected, no wonder one feels the chill of spreading panic and fear
Immediately the head of the CDC raised a breach of protocol blame
What protocol breach and to help the other nurses when will it he name?
 Or as later was suggested the “protocol” needs to be revised
Breach or revision do it and disseminate it before another dies
What about the 3000 soldiers off to Africa to face a microbe more deadly than a rpg?
Defenseless even with body armor and M-16s against an enemy they cannot see?
What protocol will protect them? Will they be locked up in quarantine if they return?
Why did any debate on boots on the ground in West Africa, the President spurn?
Is it in our national interest to put a regiment into viral harm’s way?
Or would the costs be better spent on a vaccine to the Ebola spread allay?
Or would the costs be better spent on a travel ban or those incoming from West Africa a quarantine?
Valid questions but one thing we do not need on our national scene
Are political ads aired almost before Clark’s ashes had cooled
Of Blue candidates running scared taking us for fools
Blaming the Reds for cuts to the CDC that don’t exist
Pointing blame as usual making it so hard for rational discussion to exist
Time for everyone to take a deep breath and realize Ebola is truly color and party blind
This is a disease that needs the unbiased attention and rational acts of our best minds.
© October 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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