Saturday, October 11, 2014

Flight Attendant Refuses to Hang Up a Ranger's Uniform Jacket

Sgt. Marle is on a U.S. Airways flight in uniform for a post service job interview
Only to be confronted by an uncaring member of the flight crew
In coach an experience akin to being in a foxhole subject to Taliban mortar fire
 He made a simple request to hang his jacket so the clean press would not wrinkle and expire
From the news account the refusal by this unnamed attendant was made without respect
For that matter without any understanding or appreciation of the dangers these men risked their lives and bodies from us deflect
This poet is appalled by the actions of a member of the U.S. Airways crew
Judging by the comments and backlash U.S. Airways will those actions rue
The unnamed flight attendant if not fired should be required to sensitivity classes attend
Her actions with respect to a Ranger in uniform no sane or caring person could defend
So the story first was the closet was for first class and then another twisted blend
It was too full there was no room, the spin at US Airways doesn't seem to end 
If several passengers offered to change their first class seats with this Ranger,
The thin and getting thinner khaki or camo line that protects us from danger
Instead of insulting Sgt. Marle, she would have asked who would remove their jacket from the closet to create space
There would not have been a male or female in first class who would not have said yes--this attendant is an absolute disgrace
Marle like most Rangers are a cut above the rest of us and deserve our praise and support
U.S. Airways' lame response thus far has come up far too short
An apology in the near future is meaningless without action, like the hot air of words to correct a list
What acts will U.S. Airways perform to make sure this nonsense never again will exist?
If none, drop your U.S.; you are not worthy of the name
And droop your wings in total and utter shame!  
© October 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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