Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stonewalled Ms. Attkisson's Computer Hacked By Whom?

There was a time when Uncle Walter anchored the news at CBS
A man who may have had liberal bias but when it came to the news he met the fair and balanced test
A man of integrity and objectivity such that following Tet
He announced the War was unwinnable; a moment in history hard to forget
The CBS today like ABC, NBC and CNN would have Cronkite walking out its doors
So far from the news organization of times past  fame and lore
The news reported where else but on Fox
Of a former CBS reporter’s computer hacked should rightfully all of us shock
In Watergate it was a man of integrity serving in the FBI known as Deep Throat
William Felt spilled the beans and caused the sinking of Nixon’s CREEP reelection boat
Today in Ms. Attkisson’s case the whistle blower is known as Big Mac
Who informed her at McDonalds  she had been subject to a massive computer hack
Files deleted, computer taken over under a massive cyber attack
Files on scandals of this Administration were deleted before her very eyes
If this was part of the DONJ attack on a minority of the press attacking Obama, wave this democracy goodbye
It takes brave men and women of a truly free and independent press
To stand up to the feds and their corruption and illegality try to suppress
The DONJ in a statement similar to the no IRS corruption, not even a smidgeon
Denied any knowledge of the hacks and cover-up but  do not know the identity of the Big Mac pigeon
Whom should we believe? The DONJ charged to always protect Obama’s back?
That agency misnamed the DOJ though transparency and justice it completely lacks
Or the smoking gun of computers gutted to their very detrimental to Obama core?
Certainly Ms. Attkisson is not doing this to sell more of her new book in Barnes and Noble’s stores.
Make no mistake, in a war by this Administration on any member of  the press
Even the lap dogs at MSNBC or CBS must also try to suppress!
In an acronym world the meaning of DONJ should be easy to guess
Department of Non Justice always seeking to any investigation of this Administration repress  © October 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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